Would you like to explore the craft of  Screen Acting?  2020 is CSA’s 10th Anniversary year, and we are opening our doors with a new Basics Series for Adults.  Explore the techniques involved in acting for the screen over a series of weekends throughout the year, including  hitting your mark, working within the frame, auditioning for film and TV, working with a mock film set, and more!


Join one or all of our adult weekend workshops through 2020 to cover the following:

FEB 22/23

AUDITIONING FOCUS – What’s the difference between stage and screen? How do you prepare for a TV audition? How do you access auditions locally?  What types of auditions do you need to prepare for?  What are the best line learning techniques?
Work with film and TV scripts.  Watch your work back in class time and see your performance improve.
Study film and television character briefs and delve into your unique casting type.

MARCH 21/22

CONTINUITY FOCUS – Ever seen something in a film or TV show that just doesn’t quite look right?  We teach you the industry tips and tricks unique to acting for the screen.  Work with scripts from contemporary streaming services and take on the challenge of keeping your physical actions the same from take to take.  Watch your work back and see the difference!

Got it all happening?…. come back in July and work with a mock set to test yourself out!

MAY 23/24

MOCK SET – This workshop gives YOU a taste of the demands working on a real film set. Learn the intricacies of set life; who’s who, what to do…plus we’ll share some of the common mistakes to avoid as a new actor.
Call “Action” and “Cut!”, dive in to do those final checks on hair and make up, and watch your set work like a smoothly oiled machine!

AUGUST 22/23

TV COMMERCIALS – Ever dreamt about getting cast in a TV commercial?  Well, sooo many of our students actually do – and you could be next! Work with real television commercial scripts, perform them live, and watch your work back. View some of the many TV commercials our students and teachers have been cast in over the past decade, and learn how you too can get cast!


Comfortable clothes.
Your own lunch and snacks.
A high speed USB for taking footage home. (if desired)


Ages: Adults 16yrs+ (no upper age limit)
2 days per workshop
$275 per workshop
maximum numbers: 16 per workshop


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