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How do I enrol?

Head to the Acting page of our website and scroll down to Weekly Classes.  Don’t forget to watch our video on our CSA Listings on the way down the page!

What are the Weekly Class Times for 2018?

Head to the Timetable page under Acting.

What are the 2018 Term Dates and fees?

Head to the Weekly Classes page under the Acting tab. 

Can I ‘try before I buy’?

Yes!  Our Intro to Screen Acting Workshop is compulsory for all new students.  There are two options for new students: You can receive our workshop for free when you book your Weekly Classes CSA, or you can book the workshop alone, for $85.   Head to the Acting page for more information.

How many students are in each class?

Our class numbers vary depending on bookings, but to ensure individual attention we limit our class numbers to under 20.   

What ages do you cater for?

Upper age limit: We have no upper age limit.  We have had people in their 60’s and 70’s in our classes – plus, they’ve been cast in TV series and commercials!
Lower age limit: Our classes currently start at Grade 3.  Our grades correspond with the Tasmanian school grades.

What level of experience do I need to have?

None! In our current Weekly Classes we have beginners working alongside more experienced performers and we are constantly learning from each other. To find out more about our Curriculum click here.

How do I book?

Fill out our enrolment form at our Weekly Classes page under the Acting tab.  For other services please head to the Schools page for Schools and Festival Workshops, the Corporate page for corporate training bookings, the Listings to view our talent and the Hall Hire page to hire our venue.

How do I pay?

Our classes are booked in half year blocks (two terms) or full year blocks (four terms).
You have the option of paying for a full year up front and receiving a 10% discount, or booking your half year and being invoiced in two amounts, once when your enrolment form is received, and and again two weeks prior to the Term 1 finish date. Payments are by Paypal, credit card or direct debit.

What do I wear to class?

Wear clothes you feel comfortable to move in.  Unless you are specifically dressing in costume for our Character term, we recommend not wearing high heels.  We also ask that shoes be kept on at all times in class. 

Do parents stay to watch their children in class?

As a general rule we do not have people watching our classes, unless they are invited industry personnel. This is to ensure all our students feel comfortable in their class time.  If your child is new and feeling like they would like you to stay for part of the Intro Workshop we welcome you to join our warm ups for the first 20 minutes.  We usually find after this time children are happy for their parents to leave.  

Does your venue have disability access?

Our Hobart venue has three steps to enter from the street and inside there is a flight of stairs leading to the toilets, kitchenette, and test room. 

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How does CSA stay in touch with me once I’m enrolled?

When enrolled you will be given a unique log in to access your My Account page on our website.  Here you will find information on Listings, Headshot shoots, term dates, Audition advice and more. 
Our main method of communicating with our students is via email.  We will contact you via the email address you provide at enrolment. Please ensure our main email address info @ cooperscreenacademy .com is accepted by your email provider.


Do you have a facebook page?

Yes! Our main CSA Facebook page is open to the public and we would love you to ‘like’ it and click ‘get notifications’. You can win ticket giveaways and more, share our news, plus stay up to date with the latest happenings.

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What is the purpose of the Listings?

From it’s inception in 2010 CSA became a ‘go to’ place in Tasmania for dedicated actors in training.  Over this time Sara Cooper personally facilitated the contact between industry and students.  The CSA Listings now mean the industry can directly access CSA students and view their work.  The listings have resulted in over 150 castings in film and TV in 2016 alone.

Are the listings compulsory?

Yes.  After your first six months at CSA you will receive a listing on the CSA Listing Site.

Do I pay a commission for work gained through the listings?

No.  Cooper Management Agency does not take commission for work secured via our listings, unless otherwise negotiated.  

When do headshot sessions happen?

Headshot sessions happen in 1st and 3rd term.  There will be a choice of at least two session times on weekends.

How do I book my headshot session time?

Students will be notified via email and in class when headshot session times are announced.   

Can I choose my headshot?

Headshot choice is made by a CSA professional.

Can I keep and use my headshot?

Yes!  Your headshots will be made accessible to you via an online drive.  You are able to utilise your headshots online or in printed version for both professional and personal purposes.

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How does your bumper sticker competition work?

In order to be in the running to win a whole year FREE at CSA in 2018 you can purchase a bumper sticker from class and place it on your vehicle.  Throughout 2017 any sticker spotted by CSA staff will have their number plate recorded and placed in a draw to win.  Winner announced at our End of Year Ceremony on the 16th December 2017.

Will I get cast?

Casting and acting are not areas which hold any guarantees, although we think seeing over 150 castings of our students in 2016 alone is quite terrific!  We all learn from every audition, and training opportunity, and encourage our students to value the importance of all of these moments, as well as celebrate when their classmates are cast. 

Will I be famous?

We don’t know!  Will you? What we do know is that you will be no more valuable then than you are now.  So don’t wait for a future event in order to appreciate your wonderful self worth.  Whether you’re performing to 1 person, or 1,000, you’re still extremely valuable and worthwhile. 

The acting industry is notoriously difficult and actors must be creative, resilient, and learn to find the support they need to keep travelling in such a tough arena. We are very proud of the supportive environment we foster at CSA, and of the many students who continue to get cast both while in, and after leaving, our classes.


What skills do I need to be an actor?

We believe the most crucial skill an actor needs is to be able to listen.  Listen to the story you’re telling, listen to the actor performing opposite you, listen to and understand and apply the direction you’re being given.  
We also believe honesty, openness, generosity and the ability to collaborate are essential skills.  
It really has little to do with looking glamorous on the red carpet, after all!

On top of these skills, acting is like any other job; people who are punctual, polite, professional, and proactive are very valued.  

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